Some of the projects I have worked on:

world-id-contracts: Solidity contracts for the World ID protocol

world-id-state-bridge: Solidity contracts for bridging World ID state to Optimism and Polygon PoS

signup-sequencer: Rust service that sequences data (identities) that are committed in a batch to the World ID contracts.

ptau-deserializer: Powers of Tau format (snarkjs) deserializer for the gnark library written in Golang

semaphore-mtb: Semaphore Merkle Tree Batcher circuits for the World ID protocol

As part of my transition from TFH to the Worldcoin Foundation I will be mostly focusing on protocol R&D and our grants program. Here you can check out the list of grant recipients for the wave0 of the grants program. I will be working with our grantees as well as with the wider community to help improve the Worldcoin tech tree.

I am focusing on learning cryptography and abstract algebra as well as cryptography engineering especially around ZK for the foreseeable future. I want to become a better engineer, get a proper mathematical foundation and learn how to build secure and scalable cryptographic systems.