My meta-goal is to maximize the positive impact I have on the world to help people and take humanity to a new age of prosperity and abundance.

After a few years of trying out different things I decided that cryptography and distributed systems are the domains that interest me the most.



Research Engineer

July 2022 - Present

I am currently focusing on zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) so Worldcoin users can self-host their biometric data and generate their IrisHash permissionlessly. At Worldcoin I am able to develop my skills in all of my interests including: Rust, cryptography (ZK), blockchain engineering (Ethereum), AI, mathematics, research and more.


Aug 2021 - Present

I created, which is a public good blockchain development guide aimed at becoming the go-to learning resource aggregator for building on Ethereum and its wider ecosystem of scaling solutions and applications. I am an active maintainer of the guide and try to add new sections with learning resources for different fields of blockchain research and development.



Dec 2021 - Present

ETHPrague is a 3-day organized hackathon/conference by local members of the Ethereum community that took place in Jun 10-12. I secured sponsors for the event, managed Twitter communications and announcements, reviewed hacker and speaker applications, judged submissions at the hackathon and helped with other miscellaneous tasks.


Research Engineer

Mar 2022 - July 2022

Alongside is a protocol that allows anyone to get crypto market exposure in a few simple clicks. I was a research engineer for Alongside and I did research on the architecture of the technical solutions required to build the crypto market index. My research focused on decentralized custodians, secure multi-party computation, governance structures, L2 deployments, and more.


Blockchain researcher

Jul 2020 - Mar 2022

Moralis is a web3 development platform that allows for an easy and simple dapp development experience. I worked as a researcher and published my work in the Ivan on Tech Blockchain review. I still occassionally research and write about DeFi, DAOs, L2s, MEV, protocols, ZK tech, etc. My research was also used internally to improve Moralis products and to help the company thrive in a web3 ecosystem.